Cayman Trust Boutique Launches with Experienced Senior Leadership Team

2 November 2022

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A new Cayman Islands trust company, IMG Trust Company Cayman Limited (IMG), has launched this month under the leadership of experienced trust industry experts, Peter Goddard and Maxine Bodden Robinson.

From its base in Grand Cayman, IMG is to provide a full range of professional fiduciary services aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals, families and global businesses. 

The IMG name was derived from the Latin ‘In Manibus Grandis’ – ‘In Great Hands’. The name refers to IMG’s goal – to be an exemplar in the trust industry, where clients can be assured they are in the most experienced and capable hands. 

IMG’s services include trusts; foundation companies; corporate and registered office services; protector and enforcer services; replacement / court appointed trustee services; regulatory reporting; administration support related to clients’ assets including yachts, aircraft, real estate and operating businesses.

The directors state that the firm will have a particular focus on contentious trusts, including trusts in litigation, where they will also benefit from the experience of James Lagan, a director with a strong litigation background. IMG’s principals have specialised in recent years in the recovery of stolen trust assets, the defence of trusts against third party claims, and the marshalling of global teams of lawyers representing trusts. IMG has deliberately positioned itself in this area by ensuring its senior team have a strong and extensive legal background. In fact, in Peter, Maxine and James, it has no fewer than three senior lawyers on its staff.

The IMG team will also specialise in the establishment and maintenance of philanthropic and ESG-focused trusts and private foundations; including the development of specific philanthropic policies, selecting charities or causes for benefit, evaluating funding proposals, involvement with university bursary schemes, mental wellness services, and climate research grants.

Peter Goddard, a principal of IMG, said: “Our business model is to focus on a few exclusive family and commercial clients, rather than spread our expertise too thinly. This means that clients will always be looked after by IMG’s principals directly, rather than being passed down to more junior staff. We strive to be the exemplar trust company for those seeking curated service, long-lasting relationships and integrity.”

IMG is based in George Town, Grand Cayman and is licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) under the Banks and Trust Companies Act (Revised).