Introducing ‘Tensions in Trusts – Resolving Contentious Challenges’

18 April 2024

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Welcome to our new Impact Insights series; where we enlist the wisdom of industry experts, who will, over the coming weeks, help us to unpack the nuances that make the management of contentious trusts both challenging and critical in equal measure. The series aims to empower professionals with the knowledge needed to adeptly handle these responsibilities with precision and care.  


Essential to understanding contentious trusts is recognising the moral weight carried by trustees. We must navigate not only legal directives but also the ethical implications of our decisions, ensuring fairness, transparency, and respect for the rights of beneficiaries. This series will explore these moral imperatives alongside a spectrum of topics, from prevailing trends and jurisdictional considerations to lessons learned from landmark global cases. Our expert contributors will share best practices for establishing trusts, effective dispute resolution strategies, and anticipatory measures for adapting to the dynamic legal landscape.  


We’re thrilled to bring this new series to you, bridging law, ethics, and strategy in the multifaceted world of contentious trusts.