Contentious Trusts

IMG has extensive experience with contentious litigation that directly or indirectly concerns client trusts. These are broad in their scope but range from challenges to the validity of trusts (challenges made, for example, by tax authorities and/or beneficiaries), challenges to the validity of the transfer of assets into trust and the recovery of assets which have been misappropriated by third parties in breach of trust claims.

We also have significant experience where the divorce of a beneficiary gives rise to claims upon the trust fund and cross-border proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. Peter Goddard was also involved in the Cayman Islands’ landmark Hasting Bass decision which upheld the ability of trustees to seek court orders to reverse negligent actions by a trustee that have far-reaching negative consequences for the trust.

Our expertise is in case management: being lawyers ourselves, we are able to drive litigation and to manage groups of lawyers worldwide to ensure that our client trusts are well represented and receive the justice to which they are entitled.