IMG Trust Announces Appointment of Colin Robinson as Chief Operating Officer

24 June 2024

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IMG Trust is pleased to announce that Colin Robinson, who was recently appointed as a Non-Executive Director (NED), has now taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

Colin joined IMG Trust from Strategic Risk Solutions Cayman, where he served as a Director and Shareholder from 2009 to 2023. During his tenure, he was responsible for the day-to-day management of a portfolio of Cayman Islands captive insurance company clients, overseeing accounting, regulatory compliance, and general management services. His role required not only operational oversight but also strategic planning and financial management. Colin’s leadership was instrumental in the development and growth of new captive insurance companies, demonstrating his ability to drive strategic initiatives and manage complex projects. This experience directly aligns with the responsibilities he will undertake as COO, where he will oversee key operational departments and drive IMG Trust’s growth strategy. 

Reflecting on his experience at IMG, Colin said, “My time as a NED has reinforced my belief and understanding that IMG has people that are at the top of the industry. Joining now as COO will provide further support to our people, giving them space to do what they do best. I’m honoured to step up to this role and continue to shape the plans that will help IMG to deliver the Gold Standard of curated service, lasting connection, and game-changing integrity in the trust industry.” 

In addition to his operational expertise, Colin brings a wealth of experience in team leadership and stakeholder management. As a former Chairman of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman, and currently the Treasurer of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, his tried and tested ability to lead high-performing teams and build strong industry relationships will be crucial for his new role. 

IMG Trust co-founder, Peter Goddard emphasized the strategic fit of Colin’s appointment: “Colin’s prior management experience in a regulated business was a key factor in our decision to offer him the COO role. Although we hadn’t planned to expand to five people in less than two years, we’re grateful to be in this position with an existing member of the team ready to step into the role.” 

Colin also has plans to develop an exciting new line of business for IMG, offering independent NED services to insurance vehicles established in Cayman and elsewhere. He commented, “The Cayman Islands has seen an incredible amount of growth in this area as more insurers look to Cayman as a domicile of choice for their needs. Having worked in the insurance industry in the United States and in the Cayman Islands for over 20 years, I look forward to supporting new and existing insurers through my understanding of Cayman’s regulatory regime and best practices for Cayman Islands-based insurers.”