Philanthropic giving has been a part of many wealthy family's ethos for hundreds of years, but formalising and institutionalising those endeavours has never been more prevalent than it is today. IMG have significant experience in this area, and have worked with a number of families in the creation of charitable trusts, the drafting of charitable policies and charters that match each family’s core principles, and the administration of those charities – approving medical research grants and charitable donations and scrutinising annual reports from donees before releasing further payments.

Some examples of the work we have undertaken (and continue to undertake) in this area include medical research, where we actively monitor the impact of the funding the trust provides whilst also putting in place parameters for governance and the screening/approval of applications for grants. We have also been involved with a university scholarship programme focussed on blending scientific achievement with entrepreneurial advancement. One of our main focuses at the moment is in the field of mental health care where we are identifying charitable funding opportunities ranging worldwide from the provision of residential mental health facilities to grief and bereavement counselling.